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Westlock, Alberta, Canada

Westlock County, were I live.

Westlock is the sole town of Westlock County, Alberta. The county has an area of 1225.9 sq miles and a population of 11,910 with about 5,000 living in the Town of Westlock. Population density is 9.72 persons per square mile. but if you exclude the Town, the population density is just 5.7 persons per square mile, which is dead average for Alberta. To make sense of these statistics compare them with the population density Canada as a whole at 8.83 persons per square mile, the USA at 82.56 persons per square mile, or the UK with 671.22 persons per square mile.

In 1971  Westlock County, including the Town, had 25,000 people, but both Alberta and Canada are more urbanized now. Today 81.1 percent  of Canadians live in cities or towns over 10,000 and this is increasing at the rate of 1.1 percent per year.

Westlock Lifestyle

Places like Westlock are more and more on the fringe of mainstream Canadian life. Though Canadians largely think of themselves as rugged  Northerners and outdoors men, truth is different. Most are city dwelling mall shoppers whose primary exercise comes from indoor activities  like going to the gym or indoor swimming centre.

While Westlock does have one indoor pool and a small gym, most people, in summer, swim in the our many lakes, rivers, and creeks. We  use the pool mainly for swimming lessons and winter recreation. The gym attracts a few time pressed towns people.

Hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, both nordic and alpine, golf, quadding, ice fishing, skating, curling, hockey, and softball are the primary recreational activities of the people who actually live here.

At one time, most Canadians lived the way Westlock’s citizens do. I guess we are just old fashion, and it is not a lifestyle that appeals to many.


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