Doug Writes

Pencil Pusher for Hire


My name is Doug.

My full name is Douglas George Keith Pearson, but everyone calls me Doug. Not an imaginative nickname, but serviceable. I like it because it is short and at five foot so am I.

Just do not call me Dougie!

For reasons that I do not understand, women near my age often call me “Dougie“, a name I out grew when I was about twelve. I hate when they do so, but at sixty plus I am too wise to make a fuss about such a small matter.

I operate two businesses and have no time.

Firstly, I own and operate a used bookstore in a small Northern Alberta town. To know more about where I live click here.

      • The Bookshelf

The Bookshelf was started by my late mother thirty-seven years ago. She started it in the backroom of her house with eight hundred books she, my brother, and I had read. On her first day she sold one Harlequin Romance for 10-cents. It was nearly twelve years before she was making enough to justify moving into commercial premises.

Mother died January 04, 1995 and I have mostly operated the store since.

      • Autumn Stag Process and Personal Services Co.

A few years ago I started helping a friend with his Process Server business by occasionally serving a file about the immediate area. As time went on I did more and more complicated files. Then, last fall he and his wife were both diagnosed with cancer. So we start planning for my brother and I to buy his business. Instead, he chose for now for me run it for him while he sees if he can beat the “Big C.”


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